ArkStream Capital Branding Conference: Bull Cycle of Long Run 方兴未艾

The crypto world in 2021 ushered in an epic carnival. The bull market, the booming development of DeFi, and the success of NFT’s becoming widely known have brought more innovation and momentum to the market. With many positive benefits, the enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial industry in the primary market is rapidly rising, more and more new high-quality projects have emerged, and a group of insightful institutional investors have emerged.

BlockArk is a leading global cryptocurrency investment bank, focusing on accelerating the web3.0 unicorns. In 2020, BlockArk established the ArkStream Capital, a primary market token fund, which integrates investment, strategic consulting and growth, and is committed to growing Web3.0 unicorns.

BlockArk has become one of the well-known venture capital institutions in the industry. In the face of the complex crypto world, they have also explored some methods for selecting high-quality projects and the investment logic that fits the trend.

We are deeply aware of the rapid changes in the crypto market and the fleeting of opportunities, and we hope that through continuous discovery and refinement, the value of the crypto market can be spread widely. To this end, BlockArk & ArkStream Capital and Odaily will jointly hold the “Bull Cycle of Long Run 方兴未艾 — -ArkStream Capital Branding Conference” on April 22.

The conference will invite well-known investment institutions, high-quality DeFi projects, and outstanding developers of technology ecology to discuss investment methods under new market conditions, explore new tracks, and jointly discover new opportunities and new ideas in the crypto market.

Bull Cycle of Long Run 方兴未艾

It is reported that the ArkStream Capital team comes from Accenture, Tencent, Google, etc. The types of investment projects include DeFi, data market, NFT, privacy computing, underlying public chain, middleware and other fields, such as Efinity, Ocean Protocol, Pocket, HOPR, Xend, etc.

In addition to the branding conference, participants are also invited to find new investment opportunities that can be deeply involved. Here are three panels with different topics:

How Web3.0 unicorns cross the bulls and bears cycle?

What is the next stop of DeFi?

Waves one after another, how can investment institutions tap new tracks?

In addition, Allen Su, founder of BlockArk will release a keynote speech: We are at the beginning of a ten-year bull cycle. Warren Fang, co-founder of BlockArk will launch a speech with the topic: Investment Methodology of the Crypto Industry in the New Cycle.

Allen Su, the founder of BlockArk, once said that DeFi is still the main investment area, and the governance model of DeFi products allows users and the value of funds to be perfectly captured by Token. ArkStream Capital will combine the advantages of BlockArk —— giving the project full support for governance models and market growth as a cryptocurrency investment bank.

Behind the brand strategy and investment strategy is a firm view of multiple industries and continuous investment in hard work. In the face of the drastic changes of the times, only by recognizing the situation and preparing for the wave can we be invincible in the future. We look forward to seeing ArkStream Capital help the industry continuously improve and develop.

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Founded by @Block_Ark , ArkStream Capital is a token fund dedicated to grow Web3.0 unicorns. Our portfolio includes Efinity, Calaxy, HOPR, Xend, Litentry, etc.